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West Music Collective




In person locations: Loma Linda CA, San Bernardino CA

Online lessons taught through Zoom


Drum Kit

Percussion (Concert Band, Orchestral)

Music Production (Garageband, Logic Pro X)

Monthly Tuition  $140 

Weekly half-hour lessons 

Coaching and Consultations  $100/hr

Website & EPK Design

Endorsement Applications

Equipment Purchase

Music Admin (Distribution, Split Sheets, etc)

Business Set Up and More

Drum Set Maintenance  $60/hr

Need help setting up, tuning, or maintenance?

Home Studio Maintenance  $60/hr

Need help setting up your interface, laptop, or microphone?

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Kevin Jimenez, Director


Apple Teacher



“Kevin is a wonderful instructor. We have been going for years and have referred many friends to him. He is always positive and encouraging. The quality of the instruction is top notch. My son looks forward to his drum lessons and advances his ability after every session.”
- Jennifer Hayhurst, Parent

"Kevin is an awesome drum teacher. He has all the elements that make a great educator. He is a very talented drummer. He connects with his students and understands their needs. He instills passion and takes a personal interest in their success. My daughter has thrived under his tutelage and exceeded all expectations. He has made a huge impact in my daughter's life as a drummer and as a person." 

- Janice Nyirady, Parent

"We are beyond grateful & lucky to have Kevin as our son's drum teacher. Kevin is experienced, knowledgable, patient, flexible, encouraging, responsive, passionate about his instrument and his job, and overall a wonderful person and influence on our son. We had other music teachers in the past, but no one comes even close to Kevin."  

- Maya Samardzija, Parent 

"Kevin is an amazing teacher. From the very beginning he has given me the resources and guidance to achieve my goals. He gives me the freedom to choose which path I want to take with my drumming and points me in the right direction. Not only do I learn a lot in his lessons, but I have a lot of fun as well. Kevin is motivating, encouraging, and positive. I am very thankful to have him as my drum teacher."

- Rachel Nyirady, Student 

"Maddie has been taking drum lessons from Kevin for a year and a half. She tends to be shy in new situations, so she was nervous when she started, but Kevin put her at ease immediately. He is encouraging and patient, but makes sure she gets the concept before moving on. Kevin is easy to talk to, answers my questions with a smile, and has been graciously accommodating when we have had scheduling issues with school. He also helped us make decisions when it was time to purchase a cajon and a drum kit. When I asked Maddie her favorite thing about her drum lesson, she answered, “I don’t have a favorite—I love it all!”. Thank you, Kevin, for giving our shy girl a way to shine! We appreciate all you do!"

- Kate Condon, Parent

"I have been taking lessons for 6 months but have been advancing so well. If someone said that 3 months ago I would have auditioned for a worship band, played for church, and be in a band I would have thought they were crazy. Every lesson is always fun and my confidence has grown tremendously. Kevin always works on the things you need most and has great patience when it comes to learning new skills. I would definitely recommend him!" 

- Holly Wagner, Student 



"Very thorough. Is aware of your abilities or lack of abilities and knows what to apply to improve your skills."
- Luigi Oliva, Instructor/Performer/Parent

"Kevin is an amazing teacher who has really taken me to the next level. You can easily read his work ethic based off of the quality time he spends with you to make sure you are on the right track and also equipped with the skills to take you to the next level. Overall 10/10 great teaching and an even greater person."

- Duncan Hartwell, Singer/Songwriter

"Kevin is a top notch professional! He worked hard to make sure he was teaching me what I wanted to learn, and caught some problem areas I was neglecting. Whether you are a seasoned drummer or a beginner, Kevin will make sure you continue to grow as a drummer, but most importantly help you develop a creative passion for the instrument."  

- Kenneth Miranda, Worship Lead/Performer 

"Kevin is one of the most attentive and caring people you could ever work with. As a teacher, he puts in the time and effort necessary to help you excel in drumming. Kevin is also very understanding and accommodating, always willing to work with his students no matter the conditions. Overall, Kevin is a wonderful drum teacher and you would truly be missing out if you or your child did not take lessons from him."

- Justin McGrath, Student 

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