Gear List & Endorsements

Drum Sets:

Sonor SQ1 Cruiser Blue - 12", 16", 18", 22"

Gretsch Catalina Street Club Red Sparkle - 10", 13", 16"

62' Ludwig Super Classic Blue Oyster Pearl - 13", 16", 22"

65' Ludwig Club Date Red Sparkle - 12", 14", 20"

Snare Drums:

Yamaha Steve Jordan Signature Snare 13x6.5

Sugar Percussion Eastern Black Cherry Stave Snare 14x6

Ludwig Black Beauty 14x5

65' Ludwig Pioneer 14x5.5

76' Ludwig Supraphonic 14X5

78' Ludwig Acrolite 14x5

Early 60's Ludwig Super Sensitive COB 14x6.5

Early 70's Ludwig Super Sensitive 14x5

PDP Eric Hernandez Signature Snare 13x4 

Gretsch Catalina Street Club Mahogany 13X5

Istanbul Agop Cymbals:

14' Modified Xist Brilliant Hi Hats

15' Xist Natural Hi Hats

15' 30th Anniversary Hi Hats

9'/11'/13'/15'/17'  Clap Stack

17' Xist Dry Dark Hi Hats

19' Xist Ion Dark Crash

19' Xist Dry Dark Ride

19' Traditional Dark Crash

20' Traditional Dark Crash

20' Signature Ride

20' Aaron Sterling Crash/Ride

22' Modified Xist Natural Ride

24' Traditional Dark Ride

24' Joey Waronker Ride

Aquarian Drumheads:

Snare Batter - Texture Coated

Snare Bottom - Classic Clear Snare Bottom

Tom Batter - Texture Coated

Tom Resonant - Classic Clear

Kick Drum Batter - Super Kick II Clear, Force I Clear

Kick Resonant - Force 1 Coated

KickPad - KP1

Aquarian Super-Pads

DrumKit Tools - Kickpatch, DuraDots

Promark Sticks:

Hickory Classic 5A Wood Tip

FireGrain Classic 5A Wood Tip

Performers Maple Series Timpani PST2 Mallets

Maple SD6 Light Multi Percussion Stick

TB5 General Telescopic Wire Brush

Transport Deluxe Stick Bag


Cympad Chromatics Blue, Red, White, Black

Cympad Optimizer Hi Hat Set

Cympad Moderator Super Set


KickPort White & Black

CajonPort Black


White, Red, Blue, Grey, Pink

Puresound Percussion:

Custom Series Snare 20' Strand

Low Boy Beaters:

Custom Standard Wood Beater

Custom Lightweight Beater

Felt Daddy Beater

Leather Daddy Beater

Puff Daddy Beater

Meinl Percussion:

Meinl String Cajon Makah Burl Frontplate

Meinl Ching Ring

Meinl Luis Conte Artist Series Shaker Black Medium Soft

Meinl Foot Tambourine with Steel Jingles

Meinl Back Beat Tambourine

Meinl Kessing

Meinl Bacon Sizzler


DW 5000 Series Single Pedal

Tama Classic Hardware Pack

Tama Quick Set Cymbal Mate

Meinl Direct Drive Cajon Pedal

Dixon Bass Drum Hoop Device Holder

Gruv Gear:

Club Bag Stealth Elite Triple Black

QUIVR Drum Stick Bag

Krane AMG 500

Ahead Armor Cases:

Drum Cases

Hardware Cases

Cymbal Cases

Cherry Hill Drums:

303 Stainless Steel Bullet Jr. Key - 002

Dark Knight Exotic Wood Collection - Hawaiian Curly Koa


Drumgees Kit Pack - Blue

Rooster Thrones:

Custom KJ Logo Drum Throne 

Custom KJ Logo Back Rest

Custom KJ Logo Cajon Throne

Index Drums:

70's RC Cola Hoppy Shaker

Orange Crush Smooth Shaker

HardHat - Mahogany

LP Percussion

Black Beauty Cowbell

Egg Shakers


Grenadilla Wood Claves

Jam Block Medium/High

Thumb Thang:

Black Shaker


Snareweight #4 Brass

Snareweight 70's Insert

Snareweight 2 Pack Insert

Snareweight M1b

Snareweight M80

Snareweight Cuts - 5mil

Snareweight Cuts - 7 mil

Snareweight Speedy Drum Tuning Key


BFSD - The Original

BFSD - Halos

BFSD - Quesadilla 

Big Fat Bling Ring

Big Fat Neck Tie

Big Fat Octopus

Big Fat Snowman

64 Audio:

Custom A6 IEM w/Apex

Roland Electronics:

Roland SPD-SX

Roland SPD::ONE Electro

Roland RT-30HR

Roland RT-30K

Boss FS-5U


Macbook Pro

Logic Pro X

Protools 12

Audio Interface:

Focusrite Clarett 8Pre X


Shure SM57

(3) Audix D2

Audix D4

Audix D6

(2) Blue Hummingbird

Yamaha EAD10

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